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This is my Yamaha FZ-09 sportbike. With the FZ-09, Yamaha positioned a new high-performance three-cylinder 847cc engine in a lightweight platform, creating a quick-turning motorcycle with an impressive power-to-weight ratio, stump-pulling torque, and street-friendly ergonomics.

Modifications to Optimize Performance and Aesthetics

Penske 8983 Rear Shock with 600lb/in Spring. Custom tuned by Penske and Stoltec Moto.
GP Suspension Fork Kit. Compression Valve. Rebound Pistion. Rebound Needle. Fork Springs (0.90kg/mm). Install by Stoltec Moto.
Engine Control Unit (ECU) Reflash. Improves throttle response. Reflash by Stoltec Moto.
EJK Electronic Fuel Kit
Graves Smog Plates
Akrapovic Titanium Full Exhaust for Yamaha FZ-09
Spiegler Brake Lines Front and Rear; Black/Silver Fittings and Bolts
Speigler Speed Bleeder
EBC Double-H Sintered Superbike Brake Pads
Fabbri Windscreen
Rizoma Action LED Turn Signals
Rizoma Tail Light
Peg Pivot Kit (Removable pegs for easy reversal and jack stand use)
Painted Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir
Woodcraft Frame Sliders
Suspension Tuning.The new rear shock/spring and fork kit allowed me to dial in the static sag and ride height to achieve optimal braking and handling performance.

Yamaha FZ-09

yamaha fz-09

FZ-09 (with Akrapovic Exhaust)
Shows bike with stock license plate holder and stock tail light.

yamaha fz-09 with akrapovic

FZ-09 (with stock exhaust)

yamaha fz-09

yamaha fz-09

Penske 8983 Rear Shock

penske 8983 FZ-09

penske 8983 fz-09

Spiegler Brake Lines

spiegler brakes lines fz-09

Rear Brake Line and Speed Bleeder

spiegler brake lines fz-09

Peg Pivot Bolts

peg pivot bolt fz-09

Painted Rear Brake Fluid Reservoir

brake fluid reservoir fz-09

GP Suspension kit (new valves and needle, new springs) installed in the front forks by Stoltec Moto and GP Suspensions.
I removed the forks and shipped them to Stoltec Moto for installation.

yamaha fz-09 brake calipers

yamaha fz-09 triple tree stand

yamaha fz-09 front forks

Engine Control Unit (ECU) Reflash. Improves throttle response. Here's what the ECU looks like removed from beneath the fuel tank.

yamaha fz-09 ECU

Woodcraft Sliders

woodcraft sliders fz-09

Woodcraft sliders installed.

woodcraft sliders fz-09

Akrapovic Titanium Exhaust

akrapovic fz-09

akrapovic fz-09

akrapovic fz-09

akrapovic fz-09

akrapovic fz-09

EJK Electronic Fuel Kit
I could have been completely happy with the throttle response acheived with the ECU Reflash. It's amazing what improvement can be acheived without even changing the fuel mapping; one change alone--keeping the injectors on during deacceleration--seems to have made a big difference.

But I wanted to try some fuel changes with the EJK fuel kit to test the results. The biggest benefit, I think, is a slightly improved smoothness from closed to open throttle and a much bigger improvement during acceleration. The EJK is load-based and easy to adjust. Just push buttons to add (or subtract) fuel in either cruise mode, acceleration mode, or WOT (wide open throttle).

Yamaha FZ-09 with EJK Fuel Kit

Yamaha FZ-09 with EJK Fuel Kit

Graves Block Off Plates
While installing the EJK fuel kit, I installed the Graves Block-Off Plates. See the Graves website for photos.

Fabbri Windscreen for FZ-09
This Italian windscreen works well to keep the bugs off the instruments and provides just a hint of wind protection sufficient for summer riding. The asymetrical shape is really cool (shown in satin black).

FZ-09 Fabbri Windscreen

Rizoma Tail Light for FZ-09

FZ-09 Rizoma Tail Light

FZ-09 Rizoma Tail Light

The below image is just to show the difference between the svelte Rizoma tail light and the stock appendage.

Rizoma Action Signals for FZ-09
I installed these signals front and back. I used two pair of OEM turn signal connectors and an LED flasher relay (to prevent fast blink rate caused by the low LED voltage) from CustomLED.

The wiring was a bit tricky, so I thought I'd post the routing to help others with the job.

FZ-09 LED Wiring


FZ-09 LED Wiring

FZ-09 Rizoma Action

FZ-09 Rizoma Action

And finally, our Siberian cat Tchaikovsky seen here learning to ride.

Yamaha FZ-09 with Siberian Cat

More to come...

Motorcycle Suspension Worksheet (free PDF download)
A guide to help you take measurements and adjust suspension settings to acheive the proper static sag and rider height for your bike. Obtain proper springs for the rider weight in order to achieve the correct settings.