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This is my Yamaha FZ1 motorcycle--a great all-around sportbike with plenty of horsepower (130hp) and comfortable ergonomics. The street-tuned R1 engine, fully adjustable suspension, and relaxed but sporty riding position make for a very fast, fun, and practical streetbike. I rode her on adventures to the North Carolina/Tennessee mountains, Key West, and motorcycle roadracing tracks.

It was a real thrill taking this bike up to the redline. I did a lot of work and had the bike set up perfectly. I sold her a few years ago and have regretted it ever since!

yamaha FZ1

yamaha fz1

Pictures of me on the bike!

JenningsGP Track Day
(photo by Photo One Photography)

yamaha fz1

Smokey Mountains in November
(Photos by Killboy Photography)

yamaha fz1 smokey mountains

yamaha FZ1 smokey mountains



Ivan's Carb Kit
Carb Crossover
Galfer Teflon & Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Galfer HH Metal/Ceramic Brake Pads
Penske 8981 Rear Shock w/ Hypercoil 600lb Spring
Traxxion Dynamics 1.0 Rate Front Fork Springs
Yoshimura RS-3 Race Slip-On Exhaust
Sargent Seat (w/Super Cell Atomic Foam)
MFW Adjustable Footpegs
Avon Azaro ST AV45/46 Tires
Pirelli Diablo Tires (Current)
Holeshot AIS Removal Kit
Holeshot Rear Fender Kit
Desmoparts Stainless Steel Fastener Kit
Pyramid Plastics Rear Hugger
Rizoma LED Front Signals
Gufstaffson SW windscreen
Suburban Machinery Type 2 Handlebars
Throttlemeister Billet Stainless Cruise Control Bar Ends
Fiamm Freeway Blaster Horn (high note)
Moko Frame Protectors (from Germany via Wild Hair Accessories)
TCP Aerodynamics Blue Radiator Panels (from Ride Addict)
Professionally-painted parts: Air Box Side Covers (silver metallic); Side-Panels (Yamaha blue);

FZ1 Resources

FZ-1 Owner's Association (FZ1OA)
Pat's Motorcyle Site (Detailed Instructions and Photos for Modifications and Maintenance)

Motorcycle Suspension Worksheet (free PDF download)

A guide to help you take measurements and adjust suspension settings to acheive the proper static sag and rider height for your bike. Obtain proper springs for the rider weight in order to achieve the correct settings. Contact California Suspension Works (CA) (note: CSA is now out of business) or Traxxion Dynamics (GA) for suspension advice, parts, and service.