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Here's my 2010 Honda VFR1200 and the modifications that I've done. The VFR1200 has the heart of a sportbike with its powerful V4 motor but will commute, tour, and carry a passenger with ease. This bike is one of the best right of out the box. But the custom modifications unleashed its full power, sharpened the handling, and improved the suspension.

Other noteworthy features of the VFR1200 include powerful six-piston front brakes; a layered, aerodynamic fairing; shaft drive; and a slipper clutch. The designers and engineers worked to create a bike that truly combines form and function, resulting in a beautiful, high-performance motorcycle that will do 0-60mph in three seconds and the quarter-mile in 10. The visceral V4 engine character has a magnficient sound and torque everywhere. And if that's not enough, the build quality is superb!


Ohlins HO013 Rear Shock with Ohlins -79 Spring
Traxxion AK-20 Fork Cartridge Kit
ECU Programming by Guhl Motors
Dam Exhaust (Belgium) / Servo Motor Removed (ECU flash removed error code)
Galfer HH Sintered Ceramic Brake Bads (FD442G1375)
Helibars Handlebar Risers
Throttlemeister Bar Ends w/Cruise Control
Progrip 719 Duo density bar grips.
Rear Cowls (Candy Red) to replace stock silver
K&N Air Filter
Honda Rear Carrier
45 Liter Top Case

honda vfr1200

honda vfr1200

honda vfr1200

honda vfr1200

honda vfr1200

honda vfr1200

honda vfr1200

honda vfr1200

honda vfr1200

Here's the bike on a ride to Tallahassee parked in front of the FSU football stadium. I ordered the 45 liter Honda topcase from England; for some reason, only the 30L is sold in the U.S. The top case fits my large backpack or my full Aerostich suit, so it's ideal for commuting or travel.

honda vfr1200

Listen to the finished product!


Customization begins.

VFR1200 disassembled

Ohlins Rear Shock is installed (Model HO013) with Ohlins Spring (-79 1085lbs) for 185lb rider. This shock has a remote spring preload adjuster (shown) with additional adjustments for compression and rebound.

vfr1200 ohlins HO013

Ohlins shock with remote reservoir (compression adjuster knob is on the other side of the reservoir)

VFR1200 Ohlins HO013 Shock

Forks are removed. Sent to Traxxion for installation of their AK-20 cartridge kit. The front triple tree stand plus the centerstand (on boards) will get both wheels off the ground.

VFR1200 centerstand

Front forks.

VFR1200 Forks

A good repair manual is indispensable.

VFR1200 manual

ECU is removed (located in front of the airbox) and sent to Guhl Motors for reflash to remove hp and torque restriction in 1st and 2nd gear.


A rifle case works perfectly to ship motorcycle forks. The forks are bubble wrapped then placed in the case.
That's the ECU on top--bubble-wrapped and ready to ship.

VFR1200 Forks in Rifle Case for Shipping

Stock exhaust (above) and DAM Exhaust (Belgium-made) below. Weight savings is 6.2lbs according to my bathroom scale.

VFR1200 Dam vs Stock Exhaust

The servo motor works only with the flapper in the stock exhaust, so there's no reason to keep it. More weight savings! 11oz.
ECU reflash has option to disable warning light for servo malfunction.

VFR1200 Exhaust Servo Motor

An oil change is so much easier with the exhaust and forks removed!

VFR1200 Oil Change Exhaust Removed

A sticking fuel cap is a known issue. Based on another owner's suggestion, I filed the upper seating surface. I used multiple layers of paper (closest to the opening) and microfiber towels to catch the filings and prevent any possible sparks and vapors to meet. The filing did help, and it then opened right away about 50% of the time. But my local mechanic loosened all the cap screws and pushed it back as far as possible. Now it opens every time!

VFR1200 Fuel Cap



Motorcycle Suspension Worksheet (free PDF download)
A guide to help you take measurements and adjust suspension settings to acheive the proper static sag and rider height for your bike. Obtain proper springs for the rider weight in order to achieve the correct settings.