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I'm Shaun, a UX writer.

Though sometimes overlooked, words are the most important part of your digital product. As a UX writer, I design those words to create the best possible experience for your users. These delighted users reward you with their loyalty, making everyone happy!

But there’s more to UX writing than putting words on a screen. UX writing is about using the right words at the right place at the right time for the right users for the right purpose. And that goal requires knowledge of UX design and usability concepts along with careful UX research about user needs and pain points to create task flows that help users accomplish their goals with ease. That's what I do. You're invited to learn more about me, read my resume, and view my work.

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Why hire me?

I'm regarded as the world's preeminent UX writer.*

*according to my cat, who admittedly has limited knowledge and will say anything for food.

More credible sources will tell you that for decades I’ve taught research methods, conducted usability studies, crafted UX copy, and designed flows to improve the user experience and help organizations succeed.

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